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    People ask us all the time what makes REVIVAL water filters different than the other water filters and we think it boils down to Quality, Function, and Value.


    Filter quality is the most misunderstood aspect within the water pitcher filter industry.  Consumers have grown so numb to a filter that removes Chlorine and improves taste for 30-40 gallons that they consider it acceptable.  At REVIVAL, we see that as the equivalent to a car that can't be driven more than 25 miles an hour and needs an oil change every 500 miles; it's not even close to practical or acceptable level of quality for daily use.  

    REVIVAL filters remove more contaminants to a much greater degree for 3-5 times as long before needing replacement.  With water making up 75% of the human body, we feel it's most important to offer a water filter that achieves the highest standard of water quality.


    REVIVAL started by searching for the best water filter technology available; whether you drink from a municipal tap, prefer high alkaline water for your health, or need your water to be treated for bacteria contamination.  Eventually, we came up with our 3 residential filters as well as our emergency filter.  Then we introduced those filters into our stylish, yet functional water pitchers for user preference.  And lastly, we built our website to allow you to sign up for automatic, discounted reorders when you want them without paying for shipping or having to remember to log-on and place an order.  A customer tells us once what, when, and where they want it, and we take care of the rest.  Whenever a filter is delivered to their door, they know it's time to change their filter AND that they've been drinking clean water just the way they like it and that isn't going to stop.


    In life, the better something is, the more it tends to costs.  People always say, "Your filters cost more because they are better, right?".  And while, yes we are better, we don't think we are more expensive either if you look at things in the right frame.  The average replacement filter for a market leading company is $8-15 and lasts up to 40 gallons.  Our Ultra filter costs $38.25 and filters up to 150 gallons before a recommended replacement.  On a price per gallon basis, we actually come out on the cheaper end of the scale while offering significantly better results.  One has to think what can really be in a product that costs that little money after it's shipped, packaged, etc.  Paying for 1 high quality product that really works feels much better to us than paying for a bunch of low quality products that supposedly work for just as long.

    Meanwhile, alkaline water systems often cost several thousands of dollars and don't even filter water while bottled alkaline water that costs around $5/gallon.  Alkaline water from REVIVAL's Health filter costs about 10% of those alkaline bottles without major up-front costs, doesn't require plumbing to install or maintain, always available without running to the market, all from 100% recyclable components (replacing 100's of bottles).  REVIVAL is proud to offer products that delivers better water for less money than the competition.


    REVIVAL is Clean Water, Your Way.